Beauchamp College Extra Review

To the sixth-form admin staff (bald black man) who psychotically laughed at me for saying I was going to try harder, when the school had failed me and I did poorly at AS level, I say look at yourself in the mirror. You’re no success, you’re a thug employed by the school to forcibly bully people.

To miss khosla (head of examinations) you angrily argued with me for asking if you registered me for an exam resit I paid for to a point of shouting and reporting me. You didn't register me for the exam, refused to admit you made a mistake, refused to look into it, reported me for saying that that's unfair, then when I apologised purely to reason with you so that you sign me up for an exam I paid for and you do your job (that you clearly couldn't do) you tell me the college will have to pay more now to make me feel bad and rid yourself of any wrongdoing. you are pure evil!

Watch Beachamp Dissident on YouTube and read Shypar on Medium for more truths on this historically negligent establishment.